Ready for a Career as a Video Game Designer?

The video game industry has undergone tremendous transformations and this can be confirmed from the fact that more innovations and skillful developments continue to be witnessed in the industry. Even though video games are complex, there are record number of students going into video game design as a career. If you love writing code and creating content, environment, maps, and characters, this may be the field of study for you.Video Game Designer

Becoming video game designer 

The following are the career requirements for becoming a video game designer.

  • A high school diploma or higher.
  • Training in video game design or computer science
  • Experience in computer programming and art
  • Possession of creativity skills
  • Understanding of programming languages, 3D Modeling programs and various software

It is also important to understand that designers spend a lot of time working on their computers so dedication and persistence is of great importance. This profession pays well!

How video game design works

A day in the life of a video game designer entails working with a computer in order to put ideas into reality. Video game design may involve the creation of new concepts or modification of existing ones. One of the most important considerations involves the determination of genres and before deciding on the ideal one, a designer may start by mixing different genres.

This will facilitate the production of a game proposal that contains the concept, game play, features, settings, story and the target audience. This proposal shall also include the schedule, requirements, staff as well as budget estimates for the game.

Designers need to understand various scripting languages during the implementation of their designs. Once a new game has been developed, the video game and demos are played and introduced to the market.

Salary of a Video Game Designer

Depending upon your experience and skill, a game designer can expect to make a decent salary. Highly skilled designers working for major companies can make around $100,000. Even a beginner can make over $30,000, so it can be a great career path for a tech savvy person.

An activity that used to only be played at home on gaming consoles such as Atari or Nintendo are now available on handheld devices as well as competing online in multiplayer competitions. Another genre that is becoming increasingly more popular is booking a video game party in a mobile gaming truck for children’s birthday parties or even corporate events. No matter what level, age, or gender, there is a game for everyone to enjoy.